18 June 2012


I've been wanting to post about my Newbies for a while, but kept putting it off. Now Yanick has posted about them on his Facebook page so I better get to it!

I recently drew a set of 6 bookmarks featuring Newbie versions of The Avengers for The Wizard Philly con and the Pop Art Con. I came up with the Newbies on the Marvel Masterpieces 1 sketch card set in 2007.

I got really good feedback on them, so I drew a few more in later sets, but it stopped there. 
Until now!
(cue wrestler music)

(Hulk is mashing potatoes that his mom is peeling for him. Explaining cause it has caused confusion.)

I have bookmarks available for 3$ each or all 6 for 15$ and I have an 11x17 print of all 6 for 15$.
I also have prints of my recent Gambit piece 11x17 and my re-draw of my Blood Thirsty Babies. 15$ each.

E-mail me or use the contact form to order. red@katebradleyart.com


Alice said...

i love your Newbies set!

Kate Bradley said...

Thanks Alice!