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To kick off my PETS page, here is R2:

Comfortable, relaxed, melting into the couch as I brush him, and then, SHOCKED back into reality when he feels something furry on his shoulder! What the!?

(Would help if I posted it on the PETS page though, huh... DOH!) Edit: Trying to figure out how to post blogs on pages.... guh...

Classic Mythology by Perna Studios

Now that the set has been released, I can show all the sketchcards I drew for the wonderful Pernas. I'll update this post shortly with the names of each god/creature.


Here is my 2 sketch card preview for Ken Galan's Contemporary Pinups set. I chose an endangered species/animal rights theme for my cards. So you can expect to see more critters when the set is released! You can check out info on the set in this NSU article:

I have two pre-drawn AP's left from my Avengers set. Black Widow and Jessica Jones. E-mail me if interested!