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I've been wanting to post about my Newbies for a while, but kept putting it off. Now Yanick has posted about them on his Facebook page so I better get to it!

I recently drew a set of 6 bookmarks featuring Newbie versions of The Avengers for The Wizard Philly con and the Pop Art Con. I came up with the Newbies on the Marvel Masterpieces 1 sketch card set in 2007.

I got really good feedback on them, so I drew a few more in later sets, but it stopped there.  Until now! (cue wrestler music)
(Hulk is mashing potatoes that his mom is peeling for him. Explaining cause it has caused confusion.)

E-mail me or use the contact form to order.

Contemporary Pinups by Galan Sketch Art Productions

Here are my fifteen sketch cards.

Conventions in the United States!

Hello all who give the damn!

A while ago, I was invited by Wizard World to attend one of their conventions. YAY! And they actually let me choose which one! So I chose Philly because the wonderful Harris Toser of Non-Sport-Art-Magazine is putting on the very first Pop Art Con on June 10th, a week after the Wizard World Philly con. Making a trip of it I am! Two birds, one stone, one might say. So here I be, announcing my trip to the U of S's!

I will be at Wizard World Philadelphia, in Philly, from May 31st to June 3rd,


I will be at the Pop Art Con, in Fort Washington, on June 10th.

I'm afraid I don't have time to draw any commissions for pick up. I truly wish I did, but I don't, so I won't.

I will be drawing commissions at the con though! So come on by and say hello!

If all goes as planned, I should be seated next to my good buddy and studio mate Yanick Paquette! Woohoo! Crazy times are a'comin'!


To kick off my PETS page, here is R2:

Comfortable, relaxed, melting into the couch as I brush him, and then, SHOCKED back into reality when he feels something furry on his shoulder! What the!?

(Would help if I posted it on the PETS page though, huh... DOH!) Edit: Trying to figure out how to post blogs on pages.... guh...

Classic Mythology by Perna Studios

Now that the set has been released, I can show all the sketchcards I drew for the wonderful Pernas. I'll update this post shortly with the names of each god/creature.


Here is my 2 sketch card preview for Ken Galan's Contemporary Pinups set. I chose an endangered species/animal rights theme for my cards. So you can expect to see more critters when the set is released! You can check out info on the set in this NSU article:

I have two pre-drawn AP's left from my Avengers set. Black Widow and Jessica Jones. E-mail me if interested!

Garage sale

The Garage sale was quite a success. I sold 5 of the 9 sketchbooks, one comic page, one inked original and 6 of the 6 sketch cards. I'll be adding some links to the SHOP page to include the originals and comic pages that weren't sold. A big thank you to everyone who participated!
Hello all, 
I will be having a garage sale on Monday the 20th to sell some old sketchbooks and originals. I'll be posting a link to vids I made of each book (faster then scanning) and I'll post scans of the originals too. Should be up sometime this evening. 
I'll keep you updated!
Recent commission work featuring:
The Scarlet Witch, Wiccan, Quasar, Faith and Catspaw

Sneak peek of my sketchcard work from the CLASSIC MYTHOLOGY set
being produced by Perna Studios.

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