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NEW ART !! I know, right?

A random mix of art, but a mix I hope you'll enjoy all the same.  First up... 6 preview cards from the up and coming set by Bad Axe Studios: Dungeon Dolls

Next we have my first true large colour commission, featuring his royal hotness, Gambit@Marvel.

Next, the five sketchcards I drew for the Versicolor Bettie Page set.

Finally, two Rittenhouse artist proof cards: JLA: Black Canary@DC, X-men: Rogue, Phoenix, Storm, The White Queen and Psylocke@Marvel.

See, I do draw! :)

Updating my blog

I've finally tweaked my blog to show some sort of gallery and to link to the shops where I offer T-shirts and such. I'll keep making changes as I become more and more familiar with Blogger. It's pretty simple stuff, but it can turn into a huge mess with html.